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Trigger Shackle Plug Fids

Allows for Remote Side or Rear Release of Trigger Shackles

The fid is pushed into the trigger hole of a trigger release snap shackle, and the tapered rear of the fid allows the trigger to snap closed again, while holding the fid in place.
A lanyard can then be placed in either of two locations depending upon the desired location of remote release:
For side release, the lanyard is attached to the head end od the fid, and can be pulled out either by hand or by winch.
For rear release (parallel to the sheet), the lanyard is attached to the tapered end, and pulled from behind. The fid then pries against the trigger, but remains captive in the, now open, shackle.
This fid can also be used with no lanyard and operated as a 'handle' for convenient release.
The plug fid is ideal for avoiding the need to crawl out into risky locations or for single-handed or night sailing.
Fids are sized to match the corresponding size of Tylaska Trigger Release Snap Shackles.
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