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Water Heater Anodes

12" Anodes: MH6 (end), MH10 (end); and MV6 (side), MV10 (side), MV17 (side)
18" Anodes: MH17 (end); and MV17 (top), MV20 (both top & side), MV30 (side), MV40 (side)
24" Anodes: MV30 (top), MV40 (top)
52" Anodes: MV60 (top), MV80 (top)
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Water Heater Anodes, 12 in. Mg Anode
SKU 191339

Mfg p/n TA12
Type: 12" Mg Anode
1 in stock$52.50
Water Heater Anodes, 18 in. Mg Anode
SKU 191340

Mfg p/n TA18
Type: 18" Mg Anode
Out of Stock$52.50
Water Heater Anodes, 24 in. Mg Anode
SKU 191341

Mfg p/n TA24
Type: 24" Mg Anode
Out of Stock$58.99
Water Heater Anodes, 28 in. Mg Anode
SKU 191342

Mfg p/n TA28
Type: 28" Mg Anode
Out of Stock$58.99
Water Heater Anodes, 52 in. Mg Anode
SKU 191343

Mfg p/n TA52
Type: 52" Mg Anode
Out of Stock$65.44

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