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P2708X Engine Cooling Pump

Replaces the P2701, P2702, P2703, P2704, P2805, P2706, P2708, P2709, and P2710

The P2708X pump is equipped with a pressed on silicon carbide seal seat. A new style shaft and bearing assembly is used with this change.
Older pumps can be upgraded to this new design by utilizing the 25100-SHW shaft bearing assembly and the 25115-SHW seal kit.
This seal kit includes a seal pusher that sets the proper height of the seal seat on the shaft.
Warning: The new water seal kit 25115-SHW is designed to be used with newer pump designs (P2708-01, P2708X, P2709-01, and P2710-01) or upgraded older pump designs using the new 25100-SHW shaft/bearing assembly that facilitates the new metal sleeve water seal.
The 25115-SHW metal sleeve water seal cannot be used with the previous shaft and bearing assemblies.
Doing so will cause damage to the shaft and the seal.
P2708X Pump:
Replaces these pumps: P2701, P2702, P2703, P2704, P2805, P2706, P2708, P2709, and P2710
Inlet Port: without ports (Flange Elbows)
Outlet Port: without ports (Flange Elbows)
Impeller Kit: 27000K
Minor Repair Kit: 25125
Major Repair Kit: 25126
The 27000
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Engine Cooling Pump
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