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Mantus Anchors

Mooring bridles, Mantus

Introducing the Mantus Anchors Bridle/Snubber System:

* Strong and Durable
* Designed to absorb the shock load from wind gusts and waves
* Employs chafe protection to all areas exposed to rubbing
* Uses heavy duty 316L stainless steel shackles and thimbles
* Carabiner used to attach the bridle to the Mooring line

(If tying to a MOORING, instead of bringing the dirty mooring line onboard just clip to it with the carabiner. In this set up the carabiner is attached to the shackle instead of the hook)

So more simply said the bridle ensures that your anchor has the highest chance of staying put and your boat staying intact.

Mooring bridles require a chain hook, which is sold separately. Click here to find a chain hook sized for your chain.
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Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
Mooring bridle, SMALL, (no hook) 818899Available$143.64
Mooring bridle, MEDIUM (no hook) 818900Available$230.42
Mooring bridle, LARGE (no hook) 818901Available$418.95

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